Keycloak gatekeeper beyond version 10

I am just wondering if anyone knows of further maintenance on the keycloak gatekeeper component (code and docker images).

The last we saw is version 10 Docker Hub which was 3 months ago. Not old per say, but no commit since December: GitHub - louketo/louketo-proxy: A OpenID / Proxy service

I can see how it does not need to necessarily evolve at the same time as Keycloak server as most (if not all) of what it does remains compatible, but just wondering.

That project is deprecated - see Readme:

Louketo Proxy reached end of line in November 21, 2020. This means that we no longer support, or update it. The details are available here.

You may use a fork GitHub - gogatekeeper/gatekeeper: A OpenID / Proxy service

Thank you for the quick response.