Keycloak Group Attribute APIs failing in case of large payload

Our team have been using Keycloak attributes in groups to store some large payload values. But we have noticing when adding a large payload like the below example:

  "id": "42f508af-03f1-42ee-aafa-721cd06a9962",
  "name": "test-group",
  "path": "/formsflow-analytics/test-group",
  "attributes": {
    "dashboards": [
      "[{'6': 'New Business License Application'}, {'7': 'Freedom Of Information Form'}, {'12': 'dashboard4'}, {'1': 'SAMPLE'}, {'2': 'SAMPL'}, {'5': 'New Business License Application'}, {'9': 'Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy'},{'1': 'GROUP1'},{'2': 'SAMPLE1'}]"
  "realmRoles": [],
  "clientRoles": {},
  "subGroups": [],
  "access": {
    "view": true,
    "manage": true,
    "manageMembership": true

gives a 500 internal server error with response:


Did anyone got a time to check this issue?