KeyCloak Hardware - Specification

Hello together,
I would like to set up the KeyCloak server as a separate instance, as I have had problems with the DataBase under DOCKER.

But now I am looking for the hardware specification for the server and can’t find anything about it here. On the other hand, it is also unclear to me whether I should, must or can install a WEB server in advance or whether this is provided for in the script? If the web server should be installed beforehand: Which one would make sense here?

Best regards from Berlin…

Z. Matthias

You don’t need a seperate webserver, Keycloak comes with all it needs out of the box.

Regarding the hardware, there is no recommendation available, because it depends from many factors on what you really need. Start with a current, up-to-date hardware with enough memory, because Keycloak uses the memory to store the user sessions. Then, do your (load-)tests and adjust accordingly.

Thank you very much for the message.
That has already helped me a lot.

The installation I could also so far already once. But I still have some problems… I write that in another ticket.