Keycloak IDP : Invalid username & password Error

Hi Team ,

We have configured Keycloak with IDP ( OIDC Keycloak) . We provided IDP details with First Login flow but after logging into the IDP account we are getting Invalid Username & Password Error .
We have checked all the configurations but couldn’t find the resolution. Request someone to help me on this issue .


Is it OIDC or SAML? Can you also post the traces that are coming back to Keycloak from your remote IdP? That will enable us to help you debug.

Hi @xgp

Thank you for your reply !
Able to resolve the issue after updating Authentication Flow for First Broker login flow.
We can close this issue

hello @Nisharunnisa , could you please elaborate on what you did exactly on the First Broker Login flow?

Thanks and regards

I had the same issue. I solved it by changing the the Cookie (Auth Type) requirement from “required” to “alternative”.