Keycloak IDP : Invalid username & password Error

Hi Team ,

We have configured Keycloak with IDP ( OIDC Keycloak) . We provided IDP details with First Login flow but after logging into the IDP account we are getting Invalid Username & Password Error .
We have checked all the configurations but couldn’t find the resolution. Request someone to help me on this issue .


Is it OIDC or SAML? Can you also post the traces that are coming back to Keycloak from your remote IdP? That will enable us to help you debug.

Hi @xgp

Thank you for your reply !
Able to resolve the issue after updating Authentication Flow for First Broker login flow.
We can close this issue

hello @Nisharunnisa , could you please elaborate on what you did exactly on the First Broker Login flow?

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I had the same issue. I solved it by changing the the Cookie (Auth Type) requirement from “required” to “alternative”.

@olivierded Can you please elaborate how you change Cookie for auth type without login into keycloak.

Hi @Nisharunnisa
Can you please help me how you exactly resolved issue?
As I have same issue but i’m not able to login into keycloak so how can I change Authentication Flow for First Broker login flow.

Manushi Mehta

Use your admin user to log in to the admin console of the master realm so you can make the change.

@jean.silga I’m using admin user but still not able to login into keycloak.
As Keycloak not provide me atleast username password UI.
It just show up incorrect username & password.
Please help me here.


As a best practice, it is strongly advised to refrain from altering the master realm in any way except for creating admin users.
Have you modified the authentication flow of the master realm?

@jean.silga Yes I have modified authentication flow for master realm.
Is there anyway to get back into normal situation?

I don’t know how to go back to normal situation without access to the master realm.

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You could of course simply restore the backup of your database.


I have the same issue, how can I restore backup here

This is not a Keycloak issue, this is your database responsibility. See the docs of your database to get more info about this.

wdym by database responsibility, can you please explain a bit more