KeyCloak implementation on Gophish

I need to on board gophish application to Keycloak? Any leads for that. AFAIK it doesn’t support native OIDC, any workaround for that?

Use authentication/authorization proxy, which implements OIDC (e.g. GitHub - gogatekeeper/gatekeeper: A OpenID / Proxy service) and then you need to configure gopish to read user identity/role/… from request headers. But that’s not possible, so you will need to hack gophish source code for that. But then is a question why not to implement OIDC directly in the Gophish, when you need to hack code in any case.

You are right @jangaraj . I’m struggling to find the right answer for that. Can we use reverse proxy ahead of gophish to get it working? But the catch still remains the same, it will only show me the hidden resource i.e. Gophish, to actually make it work as a identity provider I need to edit the codebase. Any suggestions?

It is really not clear what do you want to achieve? What will be role of Keycloak - IDP? What will be role of Gophish - IDP or SP?

KeyCloak → IDP