Keycloak includes an LDAP/AD provider?

Hi HiveMind!

I’m trying to connect to the included LDAP provider? The documentation here Server Administration Guide makes me think there is one but I can’t for the life of me connect to it. Failing using the included LDAP I’ll stand up another server to do that work for me but I’d really like to only have keycloak to maintain.

Any thoughts?

In case it matters, I’m trying to connect to a instance of keycloak created in eks with the bitnami helm chart.

Your question is lackingd etails, so I have to guess. Keycloak does have an builtin ldap-provider that you can use to get users from an external ldap server so that these users can user OIDC or SDAML. But keykloak does not provide any builtin ldap server, so you can not connect via ldap to keycloak.

Thanks for your response @bpedersen2

What I’m hearing is that there is no LDAP server included in keycloak and to use that functionality I’ll need to stand up an external LDAP. The LDAP provider in keycloak simply interfaces with an external LDAP and cannot fulfil that function independently.

Very much appreciate the support.

I haven’t done this, but one way I suppose it would work is to setup an LDAP server, where you would manage all your users as the “system of reference”, and then configure a Keycloak realm to use that LDAP server as a user federation provider.

Not sure if there is some kind of proxy/adapter to provide an LDAP interface to the users stored in a Keycloak realm.

Unless I’m mistaken, there isn’t an embedded LDAP or AD. It’s external to Keycloak - which you will install. Keycloak subsequently connects to the directory.