Keycloak installation on ubuntu 18.04

Hi Everyone,

May I kindly ask if anyone can help me install keycloak server on digitalocean ubuntu server 18.04 please?

I followed the instruction and even installed java 8 successfully but when I cd into bin and run the ./, it continueud to install but after some time it just hang. I tried to be patient thinking it will finish but it never did.

I read somewhere that Wildfly should be part of the installation but not sure about it… is this maybe the missing part that makes my installation to hang?

Any guide will be appreciated

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Did you follow the guide on ?
Share your logs so we can see what’s going wrong.
You probably need a droplet with 1G of memory.
What DB are you using?

It’s nice to know some details when something goes wrong and you need help.
I could pull up some tarot cards but I doubt that would help you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi David,

Apologies for my late reply.

Well I wasn’t sure where to get the logs for you so I decided to delete the droplet and took some time to educate myself on docker and keycloak. So I’ll be doing the installation from scratch soon.

Thank you for reaching out.

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