Keycloak.js Cordova, iOS 14 xCode 12

Hi all,

Looking for a guru in this.
I have an app built with jQuery Mobile in combination with Cordova 10.0.0.
Keycloak is used to provide authentication after which the token is used to authenticate to an Odoo cms backend with a Kong api-proxy in front of it.

The happy flow is you enter the app authenticate against keycloak after which you are presented with some information from the cms and have the ability to change your password.

With android the happy flow exists bar a not working css injection on the user account page.

With iOS the flow is very unhappy. I manage to get the Keycloak login page but then nothing. I checked where it breaks and it seems that the following is happening:

  • after filling the user and password and hitting login.
  • keycloak returns the authorization code
  • in the processCallback function the code is then used to obtain the access_token

it’s in that last part something goes wrong which blocks obtaining the access token.

So does anyone have experience in setting up the Keycloak.js client and Cordova for iOS14?