Keycloak.js not found

In the documentation of JavaScript adapter i have found that: " The library can be retrieved directly from the Keycloak server at /auth/js/keycloak.js and is also distributed as a ZIP archive.", but i couldn’t found it. where really is it?


After starting the Keycloak server you can access it from http://localhost:8080/auth/js/keycloak.js


That works well. Thank you.

in the docker container latest (4 hours ago)

the FRONTEND_URL env var is completely ignored for whatever reason and I’ve had to mount a modified version of the file

in place you can edit it like so… otherwise mount a file

bash-4.4$ sed -i -e 's@${authUrl}js/keycloak.js@${authUrl}/js/keycloak.js@g'  themes/keycloak.v2/account/index.ftl
bash-4.4$ cat themes/keycloak.v2/account/index.ftl  | grep keycloak.js
        <script src="${authUrl}/js/keycloak.js"></script>

I want to change in keycloak.js how can I do it ?

If I changed inside keycloak zip, will it do my work?