Keycloak js promise not resolving?

I’m trying to integrate Keycloak into an application with existing login. If Keycloak login is successful, it should create a new user if one doesn’t already exist but there are a couple problems. How do I get the username to check against the database on my server? In the code below it doesn’t look like the callback is resolving and therefore can’t see user info:

keycloakLogin = async () => {
    try {
      const keycloak = Keycloak("keycloak.json");
          onLoad: "login-required",
        .then((authenticated) => {
          if (authenticated) {
            //call api to either login or register and log in the user
            console.log("user info");
    } catch (error) {
      throw error;

The user is directed to the Keycloak login page but nothing happens when they log in and return except the URL has some session params which I don’t think will be useful for me in this case.

are you able to find the solution? I am having the same problem. If you can help me please

Are anyone find solution for this problem? Facing same issue callback not executing when login is triggered on button click.