Keycloak: Liquibase is trying to execute the changeset multiple times even though it's not change

Hi There,

I am running keycloak in a docker container. I have implemented custom JPA provider, added new changelog file under the resources directory of my extension and referred it in getChangelogLocation method of my provider.

It worked fine till now. Now, I wanted to rename one of the columns in the DB table I added in above changelog file. So I added new changeset entry with renameColumn change type. But when I am restarting my container, liquibase is trying to run the same changeset again even though the changeset entry is present in DATABASECHANGELOG history table. And it’s failing obviously as the column is already renamed. I have not changed any info in the changeset configuration so not sure why liquibase is running it again.

Anyone has any idea or faced similar kind of issue?