Keycloak login page timeout and redirect error

This question is based around login timeouts and redirects.


(1) Users that leave the keycloak login page up for any extended period of time > 10 mins, receive this error after attempting to login. This error message is injected in a new keycloak login page.

Your login attempt timed out. Login will start from the beginning.

(2) Using the newly presented login page, the second login attempt returns this error page.

Invalid Authentication Response

This is due to a timeout; please restart your authentication session by re-entering the URL/bookmark you originally wanted to access:

Please note at this point the user is authenticated.

(3) If the user refreshes this page they are redirected to their original intended location

This only seems to occur when the keycloak login page is left idle for an extended period.

We’ve attempted increasing the Login timeout (>30 mins) for Tokens, increased to 7 days for testing. This yielded the same errors/results.

We’ve seen other references to this type of error going by a couple of years. Any suggestions. Your time and help is appreciated.

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