Keycloak Metrics SPI doesnt work with Keycloak v16

I have setup it up just fine on previous versions but with the new release, you get all kinds of fatal errors on server startup.

BTW: This SPI is also not working in quarkus distribution, which will be main distribution soon.

IMHO if you have proper log management and log parsing then you can get metrics from those logs.

Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, but that work has already been done and this SPI is listed at

so I guess it must have some valor.

How does one ping the lead developers of this extension to this here thread ?


quite annoying indeed…

Hi, up until 15.1 I had no issue with the extension. Only with 16.0 that I get KO

Yes, but it is not clear from initial comment you get all kinds of fatal errors on server startup that’s really the issue, which you linked and that linked PR will solve it.

BTW: please don’t post comment +1 to Github PRs/issues, that’s annoying for users who are watching those PRs/issues (it generates notification, which are not getting any usefull information for that PR/issue). Please use reactions to “like” them instead.

I tested :

  • if you keep the extension it does not start (cf. below)
  • if you remove it starts

The error while starting with the extension:

I tried that, no errors but that didnt accomplish anything for me.
I will not find metrics-listener in the Events Config section list in the KC GUI ( Manage → Events → Config . The Event Listeners configuration should have an entry named metrics-listener)
Also, if you touch a file without the extension.dodeploy next to it (in the standalone/deployments folder) you’ll immediately start getting errors in KC

release 2.5.3 is out, compatible with v15+

Thanks all

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