Keycloak mssql support

hi all, i notice that keycloak 7 now comes with mssql support. does this mean that the deadlock issues are now fixed?

if not - is there a recommended usage?



Looking at the KEYCLOAK-4966 ticket, I see the most of the problems should be fixed now. Perhaps, you’d like to give it a go (using our Container image for example)?

thanks -
i have been using mssql for sometime from around version 3.3.0 ish by adding it myself as a module - but using read uncommitted. this has avoided the deadlocks.

we’re currently using 6.0.1

at this version - i have observed a strange behaviour, which has lead me to revisit the mssql integration . Every couple of weeks it seems to block at the database on uncommitted transactions - where i need to restart the machine to clear. this is using the provided jboss container - with some of own extensions, mssql, healthcheck, prometheus and jms (we push some events onto a jms)

our use cases are quite simple, user authentication using the keycloak.js and service account to call the admin api for retrieval of users.

i can’t see that there are many writes to the database other than events.

sounds like a good time to run some performance tests on version 7 :slight_smile: