Keycloak - My Account Dashboard like my account google com dashboard

Hi Team,

Is it possible to have a dashboard like my account google com dashboard in keycloak ?

Intention is to show all clients(which the user have access) post login from keycloak. And when someone clicks on the required client, he will get redirected to the corresponding application.

Anish A.Nair

Assuming your Clients have been set up with a “Base URL”, the “Applications” section of the user account management interface will show links that the user can click on to get redirected to the corresponding application. It doesn’t have a concept of the client “which the user has access”, so it will just show all of them. You can use this, or customize the theme so it is more like a “dashboard”.

Thanks @xgp !!! This helps.

what is the best approach to be followed for having user level restrictions for client access ?

Also how the client application can get details like access_token / authorization_code when this redirection occurs ?

I don’t know of a way to have user-level restrictions for client access. That would most likely be executed in the client, based on the content of the token.

For authentication for each client, assuming the client URL is protected, and set up to do a Keycloak redirect when the token is absent, the flow will happen automatically (e.g. dashboard → app, app → keycloak, then a normal code to token flow)