Keycloak on AWS Fargate

This is still WIP (PRs welcome), with plans to keep updated for latest Keycloak versions and add more flexibility (with reasonable defaults to let anyone get started quickly), but wanted to share Terraform-based IaC + simple build/deploy workflow for hosting Keycloak atop AWS ECS (Fargate). Enjoy.


Awesome. If I have to manage Keycloak cluster, then I will use the same approach: opsless AWS ECS Fargate deployment (with autoscaling) :tropical_drink:

Do you have any performance test results how it performs on ECS?

We have tooling for perf testing similar clusters at work,and have gotten good results. Thanks for the idea – I need to come up with a simplified version to add to the repo. It would be convenient when folks experiment with scaling to right-size clusters and for comparing baselines across upgrades.