Keycloak Opsgenie SAML Config


Anyone had successfully configured Opsgenie SSO with Keycloak?

I tried multiple times to configure the SAML Settings and failed.


I do not know what to populate in the SAML 2.0 Endpoint. in Opsgnie



I do not know where to successfully populate the Identified and SAML 2.0 Service URL in Keycloak.
My current Keycloak Client is like this:


Does anyone have any idea ??


Usually the “endpoint” they’re looking for is the ACS URL. It’s the “Redirect URI” field in the Identity Provider you are creating in Keycloak.

The “SAML 2.0 Service URL” from Opsgenie should go in “Single Sign-On Service URL” in Keycloak, and the “SAML 2.0 Service Logout URL” from Opsgenie should go in “Single Logout Service URL”.

What version of Keycloak is that? The suggestions I made above are for the current version of Keycloak. I’m not sure what to suggest from that version, as I haven’t seen it before, or it’s been so long I don’t remember it.

Ah. Maybe I misunderstood. Are you trying to link it as Client or as an Identity Provider?

Thanks for the answer. The version I have is 16.1.1.

I am trying to use Keycloak as an SSO for Opsgenie. For that, I have created a SAML client in Keycloak.

Yes, you probably have 17.0.1.
The options Single Sign-On Service URL and Single Logout Service URL are not present in the Keycloak 16.1.1 SAML Client options.