Keycloak problems creating new users after Update 8.0.1

If i create a new user with Keycloak in a Realm with LDAP User Federation,
i can’t enable the user and the password is not stored in LDAP.
In the log files no error messages appear.

I think the second problem is related to issues: KEYCLOAK-12610 and KEYCLOAK-12340.
Before the Update to 8.0.1 everything was working.
At the moment i have to edit the user manually over the AD, enable the user account and set the password.


Thanks for the reply.
But the bigger problem i have since the update is, if i save this

and go back, edit the user. The “User Enabled” is not in the “ON” position.
This worked also before the 8.0.1 Update.

Then you will need to raise an issue.

Raised an issue KEYCLOAK-12745

Thank for posting that issue, I’m also having the same troubles on version 8.0.1.
I prob