Keycloak realm as client and client back channel logout

I have 2 keycloak realms. Realm1 act as identity broker and Realm2 is identity provider. One user session in Realm2 can be linked to multiple sessions in Realm1. I want to make sure all linked sessions in Realm1 are logged out when a session logout in Realm2.

Right not i have entered logout url of Realm1 as part of client registration in Realm2 (as backchannel logout URL), but its not working. Probably its because the regular logout URL of Realm1 works when logout is initiated by RP but in this case Realm1 itself is RP (client). What would be the backchannel logout URL of Realm1 where Realm1 is acting as RP/Client?

Hi @d20amit, did you manage to get this working? I’ve been trying to do the same thing, but not having much success so far.