Keycloak required user actions

I am interested how can i set the default required user action for the new user created in the keycloak?
i went to Authentication → Required Actions → i ticked Update Password. Then i created user, but required user action for that user is empty and i need to manually choose the update password. Seems like it does not work, or there are other steps to it ?

Are you checking both boxes? Enabled and Default? In order for it to be added when a new user is added, it must be selected as both.

Yes i have both update password selected and default both are ticked, then i create new user, log in but i dont get prompted to change password. When i go to to user → edit the default field is empty and i can manually set the update password there… so seems like it does not update this field at all

How is the user being created? If you are creating it via admin or API and setting a password, or the user is creating it via registration, then UPDATE_PASSWORD will get cleared. If you create via admin or API and don’t set a password, UPDATE_PASSWORD will stay.

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Thank you for your time and attempt to help. since i was creating the user via Admin REST API, i added the boolean value ‘temproray’ to the body and now the password is temporary until first login and it prompts me for the change. Thank you

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