Keycloak REST API - secretData missing


I’m currently using Keycloak REST API to access User’s data.
However, when I get /auth/admin/realms/{realm}/users/{id}/credentials, the JSON result is something like

        "id": "a3beb69f-ef9f-4292-87c1-0c93a064764b",
        "type": "password",
        "createdDate": 1628898789735,
        "credentialData": "{\"hashIterations\":27500,\"algorithm\":\"pbkdf2-sha256\",\"additionalParameters\":{}}"

According to the following Keycloak documentation (Keycloak Admin REST API), the credential information should include the field secretData with hash password, salt, etc.

Do you have any idea why Keycloak 14.0 REST API is not returning ?

Thank you in advance for your time,
Best regards,
Iuri Figueiredo

For security purposes, the secret data is not included when you get the credential resource.

Is there any way to get secret data within REST API?

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
Iuri Figueiredo

I don’t believe so. You could write your own custom resource to do it, but it is not provided by Keycloak by default.