Keycloak/rhsso server migration - in-memory session data/cache loss

Hi all,

i have an existing rhsso 7.3.6 clusters (running in openshift) and now i want to update to rhsso 7.4.0. The upgrade guideline indicate that we need to shutdown all rhsso instances due to DB table schema change / data migration.

As the distributed caches are in-memory (replicated among rhsso nodes), if shutting down all instances, we will lose all those cached data that will cause problem (e.g. all refresh tokens become invalid, all session related logic return error…etc).

is there a way to cater for it? can we somehow export the in-memory session/cache from 7.3.6 instances and re-import into the 7.4 instances?


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Would be great support for redis/memcached instead.

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