Keycloak Spring Boot Social Login without Keycloaks Loginpage

Hi guys,

I am a newbie to Keycloak, so forgive me my unexperience. First of all what I am trying to do is, I have a Spring Boot Application which is splitted into two modules. The first module is a Spring Boot/REST Application which is working as a GraphQL server, which gives the user the ability to access some ressources later for example to login or create new users, roles etc. and the second one is a embedded keycloak server which shall be the auth server. And what I am trying to do is, to give user the ability to call only a graphql mutation from the outside, to login to the system and access the possible ressources. Currently it works with normal password based non social login, I got the user details give it to the Keycloak instance over the built in REST API, Keycloak validates it and returns me a access-token and a refresh-token which I can return to the user. But exactly this is what I am trying to do which a social login. I hope you guys out there can understand what I am actually trying to do and can help me.

So far,

I am also looking for the same flow, let me know if you got any progress on your development.