Keycloak sso with discourse forum

We have a nodejs website and we are api calling keycloak for sso on same , now we need to connect the discourse forum to same realm to complete sso , same realm is now configured but users is getting a login screen generated by keycloak we want users to go directly to website and redirect back to forum , how to achive same ?

on discourse we are using openid plugin which only need openid config/secret/key

On windows, I achieved that by using AD with ADFS service, you can find explanation in this topic
(How to Setup MS AD FS 3.0 as Brokered Identity Provider in Keycloak - Keycloak).

On linux, I’m still trying to figure it out

There is no API to achieve SSO.
OAuth2/OIDC is NOT about using an API, it’s about Browser Redirects!
Even if you use the deprecated and with must not be used marked ROPC grant, you will never get an SSO environment, as there are no cookies set by the Keycloak server!

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Yep, it’s all about the idp’s session cookie.

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Then how we will achive cross login ?