Keycloak & Traefik access to Kibana


I’m running a k8s cluster (v1.17.4) with Traefik v2.2 (Ingress controller), Elastic ECK (1.1.1) and Keycloak 7.0.0. I’ve been struggling to get the Traefik->Kibana->Keycloak->Kibana flow to work. In order to try to solve it by “exposing” the service through a NodePort (32767) When I access the service using http://host:32767 I’m presented with the Keycloak login screen. I can see that the redirectionUrl is present in the URL pointing to my Kibana URL as configured in my Gatekeeper ConfigMap.

After successful login in I can see that I get redirected to the correct URL however with “/oauth/callback?state…” added which will not be picked up by my Traefik Ingress which assume the Kibana ServerBasePath is simply “/service/logging/kibana”. I “think” this could be the problem I’m facing. Do you have any thoughts about how to fix this? I’m a Keycloak NOOB :slight_smile:

I guess I will have to make some Traefik annotations as well in order to get this to work 100% but first thing first.

Many thanks in advance!