Keycloak user approval system


My use case matches exactly with Use Case #2 on the following Github page.

  • User self-registers to Keycloak
  • Once they’re registered, an Approval Request is created
    • They can’t use their new account just yet
  • After the Approval Request is approved by an admin, the user is allowed to login

Does Keycloak support this approval system yet?


Afaik that is not supported out of the box by Keycloak.
I have a similar scenario and i created a workaround for it with a custom required action.
The required action gets assigned by default on user registration and the user can’t complete/clear it.
Instead a notification email is sent to the responsible person which reviews the user profile and manually clears the required action.

Having a proper system for user approval would be great

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U need to implement your own approval app.

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