Keycloak v15.0.2 User Profile - Dropdown Menu Options

Hi All!

So here’s my scenario:

I am integrating login via TPP (Google, MS, etc) and would like users to review their profile before continuing so they can provide me with any missing fields. The default first broker login flow works great for this, however, when it takes users to the idp-review-user-profile.ftl page, I do not understand how I am supposed to populate a dropdown menu with options for one of the user attributes that need to be provided.

I have configured the attribute in question to be inputType of select so I get the dropdown menu, but how can I populate it with options to choose from?

I used this link to better understand, but unfortunately it appears the images that were provided that show where I can set the dropdown menu options 404.

Does anyone know what I need to do to populate multiple options for a user attribute of with inputType of select? If I can provide any additional information, please let me know. I appreciate your help!

You are referring to the latest commits of the docs in the github repository.
I think that this is a much more advanced documentation of the user profile which will come with KC16.
The user profile in KC15 is not that advanced and this may be the reason why your approach doesn‘t work.
Always use the official released docs on the website for the version you are using.

Yes sadly the documentation for v15.0.2 lacks the information found in the github repo, but the values provided for user profile attribute annotations work and so was hoping someone had an idea of what those 404’d images displayed in case that worked for the latest version as well.

In the meantime, I have found a section within the user-profile-commons.ftl where it will set dropdown menu options (line 123 for anyone who might need something similar in the future), so I can have this conditional check for the attribute name and input type of select to meet my needs for now.

Thanks for your input, @dasniko - you’ve chimed in with helpful knowledge on previous threads of mine and want you to know it doesn’t go unnoticed! Have a good one!

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Thanks, it‘s appreciated!

Keep in mind that User Profile SPI is still a preview feature and things may change and evolve between versions. And we‘re all waiting for v16 to be available…

Hey Hi @hudsonsoft I am also looking for the same like want to implement the dropdown option is user-profile form so can I get your guidance or any source code to refer if possible