Keycloak Verification link click is redirecting to incorrect URL

Hi Team,
I am trying to redirect the user to the Keycloak login page on click of the verification link sent to the user.
Below is the url which I have configured in the admin console
base_url - /auth/realms/dev/protocol/openid-connect/auth/?client_id=myClientID&response_type=code&scope=offline_access&redirect_uri=http://MyRedirectURL

Expected Behaviour
On click of verification link it needs to redirect the user to the login page of Keycloak

Current Behaviour

  1. In chrome it is directly login in the user in my website http://MyRedirectURL
    2.In Incognito mode the url it’s redirecting to is as below, which has incorrect parsing

It is not able to parse ? and is showing it as %3F instead.
Any quick help is very much appreciated.
Tried the same in keycloak version - 7.0.0 as well as 8.0.0