Keycloak vs RH-SSO

Any significant difference between open source Keycloak and RH-SSO?

I am using the Keycloak 14 and seeing scalabilities issue when number of realms goes beyond 50. Wondering if RH-SSO is designed to handle large no of realms.


There is not significant difference in the code. The difference is you get some support from RH.

Thanks xgp !
So looks like RH-SSO may not have support for large no of Realms as the code base is same as Keycloak.

@kabi.patt can you explain this a little bit more?

@menashetikal There is a known issue in Keycloak. Admin console does not render when the total realm count is grater than 300. I was hoping this issue is resolved in RH-SSO’s commercial Keycloak version.

Just my experience sharing……
If a feature/fix that is not available in keycloak, then it will not be available in RHSSO too. As RHSSO is just based on keycloak.

However, something exist in keycloak may not be available in RHSSO (redhat’s decision).

RHSSO is a skimmed version of keycloak and you just get official support (configuration / troubleshooting help [but no RHSSO customer specific fix/extension]) from redhat.

This RHSSO model is really different from other commercial product….say commercial version should be more features/earlier fix available……

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