Keycloak with a php application


I’m very new to the IAM world so please forgive my naive questions.
I’m trying to authenticate users in a php application using keycloak.
I have a few questions.

  1. It seems that there’s no official keycloak adapters for php applications. Could anyone please recommend a good tutorial on how to connect my php application to keycloak and how to manage the tokens please?

  2. I see that in order to start the keycloak server, we have to go to /bin of the application folder and start it with ./ But how can we get a permanent url for the keycloak server once we’re in production without having to start the server with ./

Thanks a lot for your time.

You can use any OpenId connect library you want to use Keycloak with PHP. Do a Google search on openid connect php and you will find a multitude of libraries and tutorials.

On your second question I suggest to delve into the Keycloak documentation on itself before you put any auth solution online.
A basic knowledge of DevOps is required so I suggest you also look into that topic for deploying and managing a server as Keycloak can be deployed in many ways depending on your own preferences.