Keycloak with External app

We have a web application that we don not want to modify even a single code. I was wondering if Keycloak can help us with this. Basically we want to use the Azure Ad account for authentication via Keycloak and once the authentication is successful, it will redirect to an external web application login page. I have already done this with another opesource product it was using TOTP. Since we have office 365 account, we would like to use it and take advantage of the multi-factor authentication. Before the user can access the web application, it has to authenticate first with keycloak.(with AzureAD). Can this be possible with Keycloak?

Hi @johntampac,

Is your web application currently using Keycloak or any other IAM?

Neither. I was actually choosing between the two. What I was using is a small PHP based app which has an internal database and TOTP feature and can be used in Reverse proxy with NnginX which is currently my setup.

I see, then if you would like to start using Keycloak to authenticate users, you would have to use an OpenID client library to communicate with Keycloak. It will require a bit of configuration in your App. Which technology do you use for your front-end and back-end of your app? also PHP?


I’m actually in the same situation in which I have a web-application written in php (both front and back-end) and I would like to authenticate my users using keycloak (managing tokens, etc). I couldn’t find an official guideline on how to write an adapter to link a php application to Keycloak. Could you please recommend me any links I could follow? Thanks.

See: OpenID Libraries, Products, and Tools