Keycloak with LDAP LB

Hi All, here I am again to seek for help.

So I’m planning to have my Keycloak connect to LDAP.

If I tried to connect from server to server (keycloak to ldap server) it is working fine.
(LDAP is running in ldaps so I have to insert LDAP cert into my keystore using command line keytool)

But since the LDAP Production server is having more than 1 server. I have to connect into the LDAP LB IP. In this case when I tried to establish the connection. I was prompted an error, saying that “SAN matching IP address not found”. Found out that their LDAP LB cannot install cert in their LB.

Is there anyway to bypass the ldap authentication error?

What I have found so far is, we need to add this line, but I’m not sure to add this in:

Add in support link