Keycloak X preview with PostgreSQL Database


I try to deploy the new Keycloak X preview version with a postgresql database (13).

I have modified the keycloak.propreties like following :

# Default and non-production grade database vendor

# Default, and insecure, and non-production grade configuration for the development profile
%dev.db.username = keycloak
%dev.db.password = keycloak0

# Metrics and healthcheck are disabled by default

# Themes

# Logging configuration. INFO is the default level for most of the categories
quarkus.log.level = DEBUG

I have the following error : Cause: : java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/keycloak

There is however the .jar in the keycloak config files …
Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance

How do you start Keycloak.X? Did you run config before starting it? Or do you use the —auto-config option? The db` property is a build-time property, it has to be configured before running KC.X or it has to be started with the auto-config option.

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Hello ,

I used the following command: ./ config --db=postgres

I restarted the keycloak after, it works !

Thank you !