KeyCloak.X status


I would like to do a POC of KeyCloak during Q2 (running in OpenShift 4.3) and if all goes well, then maybe going to production in Q3. We are new to KeyCloak and I noticed that a new version/rewrite is coming:
The text says:

The aim is to have a fully functional stable distribution by the end of 2019

I just wanted to hear what the status is. Should we do a POC on KeyCloak or KeyCloak.X? Will it be ready for production usage by Q3? Is there a docker image for KeyCloak.X?

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Does nobody know the status of Keycloak.X?


I think we still don’t have much progress on this.

There is no real progress on the “Storage” and “Providers” part. We have
something around Quarkus distribution, but AFAIK it is more in a preview
state, not something useful for production use. For now, I suggest you
to stick with the “classic” distribution and docker image.



Roger that! Thanks for the reply Marek and have a good weekend :slight_smile:


Hi Marek,

I was looking around the Keycloak.X github repo and thinking that is hard to see how to contribute, or if this is really the right place to go.

I’m really interested in this project, are you guys in need for some contributions?

Thank you!

is there any further update on keycloak X?

Please don’t stop this project, we are waiting for it

We are too excited to see this release version. Any updates do we have now on when can we expect this around?

There’s a preview out now: