Keycloak.X: Wired behaivor while running keycloak-config-cli test suite


I’m maintainer of keycloak-config-cli. I’m running a lot of tests to verify the functionality of keycloak-config-cli. That include some error cases. While tests are running, I’m generate some 500er HTTP Requests and NullPointerExceptions at keycloak side.

However Keycloak still works fine trough the test suite, while Keycloak.X is going crazy at some specific point and have some sideeffects after a specific 500 Internal Server error. Giving some hints:

  • partialExports return 204 No Content
  • createRealm returns 404 realm not found (but realms still created)
  • createRealm returns the same response from previous request
  • get on existing realm give 500 http internal server error

Some pictures from logs (I can provide them as text, too). The side effects are coming only in a chain (while running the test suite), however sending specific request through curl wont result in any error.

The answer from first request is return again:

Create realm give 404 not found:

I may have some trouble to report the error, since it not easy to extract to request.

The error can be reproducible by running

mvn clean verify

from here: GitHub - adorsys/keycloak-config-cli: Import YAML/JSON-formatted configuration files into Keycloak - Configuration as Code for Keycloak.

Question: Are Keycloak.X maintainers interest to checkout what happens here? At the end, the effects are only happens if the user send incorrect requests to Keycloak (like flows with 256 character description). I guess most of the errors wont affect any users.