Kubernetes + traefik 2.2 + digital ocean


Im having a problem configuring keycloak inside my kubernetes (2 nodes) hosted on digital ocean and using traefik 2.2 as ingress controller.

When i try to go into the administration console through an IngressRoute i get some 500 getting some of the css and js, just with someones like half. and not always with the same resources.

When i post the service as a Load balancer and i get directly with the external ip it works fine.

I want to use the ingressRoute because its handling the certificates in there.

i have tried changing the way of deploying (Statefulset , Deployment, Daemonset) none of them working.

Also i tried the helm chart of https://github.com/codecentric/helm-charts and im having the same issue

Does anybody knows how to implement?

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