Kycloak and angular

Hi, I have implemented keycloak with angular, but when I have 2 major issues:

  1. When I try to access my application, it redirects to keycloak loginpage(If user is not loagged in), After providing username & password, it takes me to the application, and appends a session_state in get parameter(http://localhost:8087/testapp/index.html?session_state=324f3456-df4f-445f-56ab-34ff56789fdc ). If I refresh the page, It goes in infinite loop(http://localhost:8087/testapp/index.html?session_state=324f3456-df4f-445f-56ab-34ff56789fdc&session_state=324f3456-df4f-445f-56ab-34ff56789fdc&session_state=324f3456-df4f-445f-56ab-34ff56789fdc&session_state=324f3456-df4f-445f-56ab-34ff56789fdc). If I manually remove this additional get parameter from URL( session_state=324f3456-df4f-445f-56ab-34ff56789fdc ), then everythingworks fine.
  2. On a logout button auth object is set null. But when keycloak session timeout occure auth object is not null. How to make auth null during auto logout.
    Please suggest me. I am new to this domain.

Hi, if you’re looking to integrate Keycloak with Angular please have a look at Keycloak Angular. It might make it easier for you to integrate it into your application.

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