Live chat interest?

Is anyone who uses this form interested in a more “live” method of communicating and talking over support issues? I have noticed the use of Discord and Slack among some other open source products I use and contribute to. In general, it seems to help make the discussion more civil, and the lower barrier to participating appears to produce faster, higher quality answers.

I made a poll to judge interest. Please post replies here with ideas!

  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Other
  • No interest

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This might lower some barriers, but moves the valuable information out of space. Mailinglists and forums have the advantage, that you can always look-up already asked questions and given answers/solutions.

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Great point. I see it as a potential complement, rather than a supplement.

That spawns another idea. Maybe auto-post new topics here to a Discord or Slack, and then post the link/content from the ensuing thread if there is activity.