Login Error: Missing parameter: response_type

Hello All,

I have a keycloak instance running in the kubernetes cluster.
My frontend applicantion is an angular application which redirects to keycloak for login and after sucessful login keycloak will redirect back to app with access token.

Keycloak has been working without any failures so far.
However, Today I received some tickets about users were unable to login. It happened for couple of minutes only and then it started working again.

However, I continued my research on the cause of this incident and found out below error message in the keycloak logs.

OIDC Additional param response_m ignored because value is empty or longer than 200
ERROR [org.keycloak.services] (default task-67) KC-SERVICES0092: Missing parameter: response_type
DEBUG [org.keycloak.transaction.JtaTransactionWrapper] (default task-67) JtaTransactionWrapper commit
[org.keycloak.transaction.JtaTransactionWrapper] (default task-67) JtaTransactionWrapper end
[org.keycloak.events] (default task-67) type=LOGIN_ERROR, realmId=xyz, clientId=xyz-app, userId=null, ipAddress=XX.XXX.XXX.XX:XXXXX, error=invalid_request, redirect_uri=https://xyz.app.com/

Here is the screenshot of the same

Anyone has any idea on it? Please help.

Thanks in Advance!

There was a known issue related to locale selection reported here:

Otherwise, my guess is there somewhere you (or another developer) is creating the login or registration URL incorrectly and omitting the required response_type param.