Logout from Keycloak does not logout Active Directory User

We have integrated KeyCloak server with Azure Active Directory as Identity Provider(OpenId Connect) for SSO Login.

Log-in is working fine. However we facing problem with log-out, When user logs-out from web application, from our backend server side we are making REST call to Keycloak server for below API. https://keycloaktest:8443/auth/realms/<realmName>/protocol/openid-connect/logout and in keycloak we have Azure Active directory logout url configured as : https://login.microsoftonline.com//oauth2/v2.0/logout

We can login to our application fine, but we have these 3 issues:

  1. when we logout of our application, for some reason we aren’t logged out from Azure AD, and user got logged-in again. Only if we kept the session idle, the application logged out and show login screen.
  2. In the case of logged out because of session expiration, when User tries to log-in in application again from browser it does not ask to enter credentials (active directory credentials).

Request any help to solve this issue. I’m wondering if it has to do something with the configuration of the Azure AD Identifier in keycloak.