Logout of all applications

I have two clients.
sso_client_a logout by url http://local.vt.ru:8080/auth/realms/test_sso_clients/protocol/openid-connect/logout?redirect_uri=http://local.vt.ru/sso_client_a/login/oauth2/code/custom
sso_client_b is still active, why didn’t it exit?

Locally, everything works for me when I open the applications at the address localhost:8081 and localhost:8082
But when I deploy it on the hosting, only one application logout

You need to configure OIDC backchannel logout for both clients and of course both apps have to implement backchannel logout properly.

ok we are waiting for a decision Support OpenID Connect Back-Channel Logout · Issue #7845 · spring-projects/spring-security · GitHub