Logout page blank

I’m an infrastucture engineer, not a web developer so please don’t give me a web-tech/REST style response as I won’t understand it.

We have the Qliksense app using Keycloak for user authentication.
It’s all set up correctly and logins etc work fine, with Qlik redirecting to Keycloak for authentication and then Keycloak redirecting back to Qlik.

On logout, Qliksense posts the following to Keycloak:
This terminates the session but the user only gets a ‘dead’ blank page.

I can’t tell whether Qlik or Keycloak should pick up the reins at this point, but comms on the browser simply stops. I can see no options within the Keycloak realm or client to configure a next step so I’m at a loss to even know which side the issue resides.
I’ve raised a ticket with Qlik but that may take a while - Any advice appreciated. Is this Qlik or do I have a misconfiguration in Keycloak?

I have the same issue using the newest Keycloak version.

  • Just a white page is shown.
  • 200 OK is returned but the users session is not terminated.
  • This user has a saml connection, too.

Is it somehow related to a configuration option? Is there a configuration for openid / for the logout behavior somewhere? I disabled some default clients - do I need to have a specific one so that the logout works?

On the event log I see this request.
No error is shown in the log file.

The logout request in the event log looks like this:

Have a look at the OpenID Connect RP-Initiated Logout 1.0 specification.

In short, there is no default logout page to display unless you extend keycloak and implement a custom logout endpoint.

Instead, you specify a post_logout_redirect_uri parameter, to which the user’s browser is redirected after their session has ended.

Thanks @trotman23, currently I get “Invalid redirect URI”. Which client application is used to handle the logout request?