Logout with custom identity provider

I am using my identity provider to get access token for users in remote database. And it works good
I am getting token and requests work only with this token
But when i trying logout by this way
This return 200 ok
But if i am do request with token of user who just logout, request works and return result, but i am expecting 401 error
Can someone help me?

Hey there,

it seems that there’s a lack of context of how you’re performing and which end you’re performing the logout.

If you’re developing a web app or something similar the natural way to perform the logout would be using keycloak’s official client and from its instance perform keycloak.logout();

However if you’re trying to handle the session your own way maybe consider revoking the token as someone else was trying to perform the task in this thread: Revoking offline token as the client

Hope you solve the matter :slight_smile: