Mapping GitHub Token to make it accessible in App

Is it possible to map the GitHub Access Token into the Access Token provided to my app after login (given that the user has connected their GitHub Account and authorized my app)?

I tried to add an Identity Provider Mapper and Client Mapper:

You can use this to get the token, (assuming you’ve checked Store Tokens and Store Tokens Readable in the idp setup) Server Administration Guide

Thanks, is there also a way to retrieve the username?

Yes that is in the token as well. This is my function to get it: keycloak-react-demo/layout.tsx at 3dc146cb1a9304e36449d4d4d0506987760562d6 · edewit/keycloak-react-demo · GitHub

Sorry, I mean the GitHub Username :sweat_smile:

That would be the github user name when you use a Identity Provider