Master and Slave servers reporting different settings for same Realm in Keycloak console

I am running Keycloak in cluster mode with 1 master and 1 slave. Both have been configure with the same database URL, and the slave is able to connect to the master. When I log in and change settings (like the Realm display name), they are not propagated correctly. I have one session connected to the master, and one session connected to the slave. When I save settings on the master, the slave session doesn’t report the updated settings. I am not sure where to start debugging this. I have checked the domain.xml on both instances and the datasources are identical (pretty much the whole config directory is the same, only the startup arguments are different). Any ideas?


Tried setting up 2 instances in standalone-ha mode instead, and I am still seeing the same behaviour. Is there anything else I need to configure for the changes to be persisted properly and synchronized between the two instances?

My issue turned out to be due to the local cache not being invalidated on all servers in the cluster when I updated settings. This was ultimately because I am running everything in an AWS VPC, and multicast is not supported in that environment (which is what’s used to send the invalidation messages to all the servers in the cluster).