MediaType null in resteasy BaseHttpRequest

After migration from keycloak 16 wildfly to keycloak 17 quarkus we see an issue that registrations fails on mediatype is null in BaseHttpRequest…

Is this caused by missing configuration somewhere ?

update, after lots of debugging the issue is that it uses the implementation “VertxHttpRequest” in stead of HttpServletInputMessage…

And in VertxHttpRequest there is no method getDecodedFormParameters which is used by keycloaks RegistrationUserCreation…

So therefore it uses the abstract class and gives a nullpointer …

Strange, can not find any documentation why its doing this on keycloak quarkus


the change in keycloak x, seems like the wrong http request impl is used (vertx in stead of resteasy) with the rgistreation/create account link (a href) on the login page.
trying workarround not using the getdecodedparam method as used in the keycloaks createuser java code, so overriding it.

Did you create an issue or at least started a discussion in the Keycloak GitHub repository?
If no, please do it to clarify/verify behavior.
If yes, please post the link to the issue/discussion here.

Thanks, i now created an issue:

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ok, that our custom adjustment will do in checking if its a form submit or ahref action.