Need help with warning "Event object wasn't available in remote cache after event was received."


I have configured Keycloak with cross-DC, two sites and on every sites 3 pods of Keycloak and 3 pod of Infinispan.
After turning on discovery for Infinispan on sites

      <stack name="image-tcp" extends="tcp">
          <TCP bind_port='7800'  enable_diagnostics='true'  port_range="0"/>
          <dns.DNS_PING dns_address="" dns_query="infinispan-server-headless.default.svc.cluster.local" 
                        stack.combine="REPLACE" stack.position="MPING"/>


I start getting warning on Keycloak side like - “WARN [org.keycloak.cluster.infinispan.InfinispanNotificationsManager] (EE-ManagedExecutorService-default-Thread-1) Event object wasn’t available in remote cache after event was received. Event key: 0a52c492-3727-4e2b-a348-4f2415686c79”

Auth and sessions replication look like working fine. So please let me know what wrong, why Keycloak receiving null data in a events .