Need to bypass keycloak login page for social login

I Need to bypass keycloak login page for social login and show the popup for social media inside my react native app,For example if we are doing google login I need a popup inside my app and if I select on account it need work same as the browser does

This can be achieved using the kc_idp_hint parameter inside the configured URL within your client application, for example :


This will automatically redirect the user to the external provider.

Thanks for your answer, But it using browser to login, but I need a popup of google account inside my app.

Having browser based authentication and redirects is a key feature of OAuth2 and OIDC in terms of secure authentication, there are reasons for this.
“but I want” and “but I need” are none of these reasons.

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By “browser” you mean the current page of your app ? you can manage the OAuth flow inside a popup. The redirection will still happen but in a spawned popup that, before dissolving will pass the access_token or Cookie back to main tab (depending how you manage session within your app). As explained before, the kc_idp_hint will avoid displaying the list of external identity providers, and redirect the user directly to the external social provider.