No documentation for keycloak-js?

Looking at the keycloak-js node.js package, there is no readme or apparent indication of documentation.

Can anyone point me to the documentation for this package, to save me needing to trawl through the source code?

Also, beyond opening a ticket, which I have already done, what is the right way to get the attention of the devs to remedy the readme issue?

It’s javascript adapter Securing Applications and Services Guide

You really don’t need to use library with the keycloak in the name. Just use some OIDC (certified) library.

BTW this is not a ticket. This is a just community discussion. I would open ticket in the issue tracker

keycloak-js ist not a “Node.js” package, it’s for browser-usage! If you are looking for a solution for Node.js, see GitHub - keycloak/keycloak-nodejs-connect