Nonce not in access token


I am trying to login with password and add a nonce value in the related access token
I am using the following parameters
data_call = {“grant_type” : “password”,
‘username’ : username,
‘scope’:‘openid microprofile-jwt profile’,
‘state’: ‘state_AW0815’,
‘nonce’: 1234,
req3 =, data=data_call)
But the result does not contain the nonce value.
I am not able to find how and when the nonce value is added to the access token.
Any help or pointer is highly appreciated.


See doc Final: OpenID Connect Core 1.0 incorporating errata set 1 I would say that nonce should be returned in the ID token, not access token. Also nonce should be in the auth request and this should be request for token endpoint because it looks like direct access grant flow.
It looks like ditect access flow but then why response type is code? You are mixing a lot of variables from different flows. You should know which flow you are trying to use first and then use correct parameters accordingly.